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Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Descriptive Writing

I was so excited to start my Christmas descriptive writing project today at school.  To my dismay though I found out when I got there that the color printer is broken and we do not know when we will be getting it fixed.  I had to think of something quick to replace my idea.   I decided to switch my unit up a little.  I gave each student a blackline copy of either an ugly Christmas sweater, an ornament, or a stocking.  I told them to color the picture and/or add designs to it anyway they wish.  We did something similar to this for Halloween only I didn't give them a pattern.  They had to draw a monster from scratch.  Tomorrow my students will have to write a description of their picture.  I am going to mix up the descriptions and have the students try to guess from the description what picture their friend colored.  I will have a stack of blacklines for them to choose from.  Once they find the blackline that they believe matches the description, I will have them recreate the picture from the description only.  Originally, I was just going to have my students use the colored copy only and then write a description.  KPMdoodles has some of the most wonderful clipart.  I used her Ugly Christmas Sweater Set and her Holiday Trimmings Set to make a descriptive writing unit.

Here is an example of a sweater and a stocking for the kids to describe.  I can't wait for tomorrow to see how the students write their descriptions.

If you would like to know more about this unit please visit my Teacher's Pay Teachers store or click on the picture.  Here is a freebie from that unit that can be used in multiple ways aside from descriptive writing.

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday
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