"" The Teacher in Me: Christmas Descriptive Writing Day 2

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Descriptive Writing Day 2

Okay, so my kiddos wrote their descriptions yesterday of their Christmas objects: a sweater, a stocking, or an ornament.  Their descriptions have definitely improved since we first tried the Halloween descriptive writing  activity.  Today we exchanged descriptions to see if students could determine which object was being described.  I laid out blank copies of each object.  As the students read the description that their friend wrote they went and picked out the appropriate object.  We had to make a few swaps in the end which led to a few enlightenments on both the part of the reader and the writer.  The students then had to recreate the object using only the written description.  It was so much fun this time.  The students asked as they turned them in if they could compare their drawings to the originals.  So many of them were very close.  I was very proud of my little authors.  I even had a couple debates today.  One student was determined that he wrote enough details and set out to prove it.  It turned out he was correct and the reader didn't read very closely.  LOL They were priceless!  I post pictures soon!  I am also working on a multiplication concepts unit.  So far it based around a Christmas theme but it could probably hold its own in January too.  We had a lot of fun with the picture story problems today.  I'll post pictures soon.  I am going to a conference tomorrow on CCSS so I won't be at school.  Here is a link to my Christmas Descriptive Writing Unit on TpT in case you would like to try it!
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