"" The Teacher in Me: Back when I was in Third Grade!!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Back when I was in Third Grade!!

I thought this linky party was too cute to pass up!  I got to dig through my photo albums with my daughter and hear her laughter at my funny hair do's.  Since my mother didn't mark my pictures with grades or ages nor put them in any sort of order, I am guessing that this picture I am posting is my third grade picture.  At least my hair do isn't the worst of the hair do's in this picture.  I teach my daughter in third grade this year and let me tell you it is definitely a different experience!! LOL
My third grade picture
My daughter's third grade picture!

I actually kind of like this hair do!! Here I am now. I am on the left and my sweet niece is on the right.

Join the fun!  

Here's the rules:
  1. Post a picture (or two!) of you from when you were in the grade you teach (or around there).
2. Post a picture of you now! :)
3. Be nice and visit others to comment.

Have fun!!
Thank you Second Grade Sparkle for the idea!

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