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Monday, September 23, 2013

Differentiated Instruction Math Game: Superhero Flash Freebie

Last night before bed, my daughter asked me to play a game her teacher sent home.  At first I thought it is way to late to start a game tonight, but then I changed my mind.  She pulled out a baggie with a set of index cards.  Each card had a math fact on it that my daughter was going to have a test on.  Also in the stack were cards labeled BANG! The game was to put all the cards face up in a pile on the table.  On our turn, we had to say the answer to the fact on the top card.  If we answered correctly, we kept the card. If we answered incorrectly, we put the card on the bottom of the pile.  If the card up on our turn was a BANG card we had to put all of our collected cards back in the pile and start over collecting cards.  I thought this was a great idea of a game!! It has so many possibilities.  I created a Superhero version of this game.  Instead of BANG cards, there are WHAM and POW cards.  The instructions work the same though.  I also thought this game could be used to practice any skill the child needed to work on.  Every child's game would be set up for his/her skill needs.  Included in this freebie is the set of WHAM and POW cards as well as one sheet of blank cards that can be copied for use as needed.  Thank you Mrs. Carey for the great inspiration! (As usual!)  Click on the first picture to grab your freebie!

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