"" The Teacher in Me: Common Core: Why Change?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Common Core: Why Change?

I laughed so hard watching this video during our opening staff meeting this morning.  As I listened to my executive director talk about the hidden meaning of the video as it pertained to us and education I drew my own comparison to common core and the changes we face.  I love the common core shifts and I believe for some it will be like this broken escalator.  We are used to one way of doing things.  We were taught one way and so we teach that way and when we are stuck we are now faced with the decision of moving on our own despite the challenge or remain where we are and go nowhere.  It also made me think of how we teach certain subjects--math in particular.  Many teachers resist the idea of giving kids the opportunity to use multiple strategies.  There is a fixation with the standard algorithm.  Amazingly enough, there are other ways to solve problems.  Just like in this video, we need to know more than one way out of a situation.  We need to know how to solve problems on our own and how to collaborate with others as well.  When we learn how to solve a problem using only one method, we don't learn the skills necessary to make application to other situations and solve more complex problems.  That's my thought for the day.  I felt the need to share.  I'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions.

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