"" The Teacher in Me: Getting Ready

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Getting Ready

I've been really trying to get everything ready to go for the start of our new school year.  I feel like this time of year goes so fast.  I always have a million things I want to do new and I try to get them all sorted in my head before I actually start them in my class. Pinterest has been a blessing and a curse.  There are a ton of great ideas but I've pinned so many of them I'm overwhelmed.  Oh well.  Well, I've also been trying to get organized better than I usually am.  I've seen on Pinterest so many ideas for a teacher's binder.  I decided to make my own binder this year.  I've always kept a folder or something but never with everything I need in one place.  Here are what mine turned out like.  I think they are pretty.  I feel like I may have forgotten something though.

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