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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Behavior Management

I saw an idea on Pinterest for behavior management that really caught my eye.  It is somewhat based on the card system of old but with a twist.  In the old card system, students started out on green or a smiley face and then when they broke a rule they had to change their card.  Each card had a consequence.  Once you turned your card, there was no going back.  This system which I call a behavior clip system is set up in a vertical position on the wall, bulletin board, or pocket chart.  All students begin the day on Ready to Learn.  As the day progresses, students move their clip up or down the chart.  The good thing about this though is they are not stuck in any one place.  If a student breaks a rule but then gets his/her act together, the student can move their clip back to Ready to Learn.  I made one for my classroom with the Western Theme of course.  Here is what mine looks like.

I also just made one that is colorful with no real theme attached to it.  You can access here at my Teacher's Notebook store.  Colorful Behavior Clip Chart

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