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Monday, July 23, 2012

Google Forms

I took a course through WV Learns this past June titled Google Apps for Educators.  It was an amazing course!  I'm constantly trying to come up with new ideas for how to use some of the applications.  Leave a comment after this post with some of your ideas PLEASE. :)  Stop by my class website I created for this upcoming school year.  I worked on it a really long time so tell me what you think.  My site is Third Grade Liberty Lions.  I also learned how to make Google forms to embed in that site.  I think I could use forms in conjunction with my first TechStep this year.  (TechSteps.com) The students have to do a survey of the class's favorite drinks.  They then use Excel to create a data table and turn it into a bar graph.  I was thinking that the students could use Google Forms on a weekly basis for graphing other topics.  Let's try it!! Go to my site under the SURVEYS tab and answer the question "What is your favorite subject to teach?".  I'll share the results soon!  Ask your friends to answer it too please.

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