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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

FISH Binder

I use a FISH (Find Important Stuff Here) Binder for each of my students.  The binder is divided up into sections using clear plastic sheet protectors.  The first section is for reading and in the sleeve I put their spelling and vocabulary list.  Behind the sleeve I place any extra reading "helpers" that the students may need for that particular story or in general.  The next section is for math.  In the sleeve I place a hundreds chart but the students use this sleeve as a whiteboard for math games.  It serves the purpose really well so they keep their gameboards in the sleeve as well.  Of course I place any math "helpers" in this section like multiplication charts or anything helpful for the unit we are studying.  The third section is for writing.  In the sleeve, the students place the writing rubric.  This section houses all of the writing "helpers" like synonym charts, and juicy color words, etc.  We clean out our binders at the end of a unit or the end of a story.  It just depends on which section we are working from the most.  I also keep in the binders their agenda and their morning work.  These binders go home every night!  The pocket in the front of the binder is for parent communication to and from school.  The pocket at the back of the binder is for work that is not completed yet.  Here is the cover page I made for this year's FISH binder.  Feel free to use it.  Leave me a comment if you like it and printed it.  :)  Thanks! Click on the picture of it to get a PDF.

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