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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Valentine's Day: Friendship Fruit Salad

I posted this last May when I started my blog, but it was such a fun idea.  I wanted to share it again with all my new readers!

Since our county and our schools are so health conscientious now, we decided that for Valentine's Day we would have a healthy fun treat for the kids since we couldn't give out candy.  Each child brought fruit to be added to a "Friendship Fruit Salad".  The kids were so excited about the salad although some were quite hesitant to try it.  I took all the fruit that was brought in home and chopped it up.  (I of course checked for food allergies first.)  We had so much salad! It filled up an entire Tupperware Thatsa Bowl!!  Check out the picture below of our delicious fruit salad.  My parents sent in rave reviews because the children who wouldn't normally eat fruit were asking their moms for fruit salad.  Yay!

Fruit Salad: Yummy, Yummy!!
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