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Monday, March 18, 2013

Geometry Art Activity

Our Title I teacher came in to my room Friday and did an amazing art activity with my students.  Hopefully I can explain it well enough for you to understand.

1. Fold paper into fourths.

2. Add a point anywhere on the middle of the fourth. Draw points along the edges. Make sure the points are right on the edges.

3. Connect the middle point to all of the outer points.

4. Open the page up so you see another fourth totaling half of the page. Continue the process again. Put a point anywhere on the new fourth and connect it to the points on the edge of the prior fourth. Then draw points on the other edges and connect.

5. Open up the page so you only see one new fourth. Again add a point and connect to the points on the edges and then add new points to the existing edges.

6. Finally repeat the process with the last fourth.

When all lines are finished students can color in each of the spaces. We limited our students to only four colors and told them the same color could not touch itself.

Many activities can be gathered from this lesson. Students can highlight angles (obtuse and acute), shapes, lines, rays, etc.

Happy Geometry Fun!

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