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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Properties of Multiplication and Geometry

I have been crazy ever since I headed back to school.  Between realizing how much more I need to get in before state writing assessment and state testing to practicing fire drills and intruder drills, I am exhausted.  I'm trying to utilize every second of my day to getting in the most amount of information without exhausting my students as well.  This week we are finishing up working on multiplication and in the meantime we've been working on geometry skills.  I created the following two sets to help out that process.  The geometry set I made is intended for those in between moments: lining up for lunch, going to computers, restroom breaks, etc.  It's similar to my place value, time, and money exit and entrance cards.  The multiplication properties set is similar to my addition properties set.  Both can be used in a center.

By the way, The Math Coach's Corner blogged about a great resource for problem solving.  I haven't been on it yet, but it looks fabulous and I definitely trust Donna's opinion on these matters. :)  Here's the link to her post.

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