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Monday, October 1, 2012

Manic Monday: October Pumpkin Craft

As soon as the month changes, I feel an absolute need to something crafty!  This is an old one but a good one and maybe some of you have never seen it before. I always make jack-o-"lanterns" to hang in my classroom.  Here is how to make them:

Use either a large or small piece of construction paper.

Fold the paper in half length-wise

Use a ruler to mark off a line about 1 inch from the open side of the paper.

This is on the open side of the paper not the folded side.

Cut one inch strips starting on the folded side down to the line.

Open it up.

Roll the short ends together so that the folded crease is to the outside and staple the ends together.

Add a green handle.

Students can then use yellow paper to make faces.  This student added arms!

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