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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Main Idea and Supporting Details Fun Activity

Today my friend showed me a great activity for teaching and/or reviewing main idea and supporting details.  She gave me five large grocery bags filled with various items.  Each bag's items were the details and the kids had to figure out what the main idea could be as well as the topic.  For example, we did the following bag together.  Inside the bag were the following items: a mixing bowl, cake mix, sprinkles and icing, and a cake pan.  What do you think the main idea is?  Baking a cake? or maybe items needed to bake a cake? The topic was cakes.
The kids had a great time with this activity.  We then gave each group their own bag and a graphic organizer.
We passed the bags around until each group had a turn with each one.  This was such an effective way to reinforce main idea.  Now that the students have completed the organizers for each of the bags, the students can write a paragraph to go with each main idea and details.  I also plan to have the students add another paragraph with a new main idea and details to support the topic.  

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