"" The Teacher in Me: Office Max for Teachers

Friday, August 10, 2012

Office Max for Teachers

I went to Office Max tonight to make my Western SOAR poster which turned out awesome and got a huge surprise!  Maybe you already knew this but teachers get double the limit on all specials.  If you spend $5.00, Office Max will give you (if you are not a teacher) 5 composition notebooks free, so I got 10 free! Then, I got back in line with my husband and he got 10 free also since I was with him!!!  20 free composition notebooks! Whoo Hoo!!!  They also have $.05 two pocket folders with a limit of 10 so I ended up with 20 and then my husband bought 20.  That's super cheap!!! It was a good night shopping for this teacher!  I also went to Ollie's looking for a carpet for my reading corner.  I ended up buying 25 carpet squares for cheaper than I would have gotten the carpet!  I'm so excited!
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