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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pigs Go to the Fair

I work with an amazing Title One Math Teacher.  Actually she is retired but she has been coming to our school to help us prepare our third and fourth grade students for our state testing.  She read the book Pigs at Odds: Fun with Math and Games by Amy Axelrod to my students and then had an amazing set of centers for them.  Check out my Amazon astore to see all of her books! I will post the worksheet the kids used after I type it up.  I don't have her file of it on my computer.  This series of books by Amy Axelrod is a great math series.  I've used Pigs will be Pigs for counting money and counting back change.  The following games were all about probability.
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Knock Down Cans

Students record the number of cans they knock down

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You Quack me UP! Choose the #2 duck and you win!

Ring Toss!

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