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Saturday, April 28, 2012

New writing ideas

I recently took a course through wvlearns.k12.wv.us on teaching writing in the elementary school.  It was a very informational class.  I developed a much greater understanding for the 6 + 1 Traits for Writing and for just teaching writing in general. I used the Evan Moore Daily Writing Six Traits book with my kids this year and loved it also.  My students writing improved greatly! I also had the opportunity to work with a new teacher this year.  She introduced me to the book Razzle, Dazzle Writing by Melissa Forney.  We ended up buying all of our teachers the book and we have used it religiously in order to prepare for our state writing assessment.  She has a great website too.  It is www.melissaforney.com.--Lots of free resources!!
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